What is BPOG and why is it important?

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When someone mentions BPOG, it is easy to be confused on what it really means. It seems to be trending at the moment and more end users, integrators and suppliers are talking about it throughout their organizations. But what is BPOG?

BPOG refers to the BioPhorum Operations Group, who are a group of experts from 90+ biopharmaceutical end users, manufacturers and suppliers from around the world who collectively discuss and share trends and challenges in the industry. The organization started in 2004 and has continued to grow and evolve throughout the years to help steer the biopharmaceutical industry in technology, supply chain initiatives and development and implementation of standards in the various aspects of the pharmaceutical processes.

Driven by the biopharmaceutical industry’s increased usage of Single Use Systems (SUS), BPOG took on the challenge of standardizing an extractable protocol to provide end users with the extractables profile of all the product-contacting single use components used in a process.. Generally this is the most common meaning when someone mentions BPOG or BPOG testing.

Extractables testing can be done in several different ways and is confusing and time consuming to try to understand all the different types of data.The BPOG extractables protocol allows end users to compare extractables results from suppliers apples to apples, in a much more simpler way. This data is paramount for understanding the risk and safety to patients in the manufacturing process of drugs by manufacturers.

Did you know?

ARTeSYN’s ARTeSIL molded products have BPOG extractables testing data available. They have been tested with an accredited lab to the latest updated protocol. Please contact your ARTeSYN Representative for more information on our products and available documentation.

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