Component Focus: The A-Range

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Single-Use Solutions (SUS) have arrived like a tsunami in biologics manufacturing. As all evolutionary steps do SUS, too, is maturing, standardizing, transforming processes, procedures and facility design. The one thing common to all SU manufacturers - a lot of loose tubing.

Tubing is everywhere - hanging from temporary wire hooks, velcro straps, coiled up on the floor. To compare this to another familiar concept. Have you ever tripped on a cord and bruised a knee or kinked a garden hose while rolling it up so the sprinklers stop working? Instead of it being your garden and a garden hose, imagine it being a Facility of the Future and a billion-dollar therapy in its concentrated form. Kinking or any other form of damage, besides being frustrating can have many further-reaching consequences.

So, what if there was an organized, yet adaptive way to guide the tubing in your facility? Let us know if you think you could benefit from an intelligent tubing management system and multiple levels of organisation.