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Name: Craig Vincze
Title: Director of Business Development 
Location: US 

Craig Vincze, Ph.D has recently joined us as  Director of Business Development. A Nevada native, he finished his bachelors at Nevada University in Biology, but contrary to what you may presume then went on to work in the computer field. As it happens, some of the computers that he worked on were from the university which is how he came to learn about a new biomedical engineering department being set up. With a background in both biology and computers and aware of all the links between the two fields, he was immediately drawn to it. He ended up received a Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering. As before, he kept finding career opportunities in Reno, despite the main biomedical engineering hubs being elsewhere. So he stayed and built a life there. As time went on he went from working at a small drug discovery startup to one of their largest suppliers - Hamilton and from research to the supply side. At Hamilton was the director of custom solutions and loved the multinational team and exposure as well as the outward facing nature of the role.

He has always been a system-level thinker and could immediately see the importance of enabling abundance in medicines and engineering the tools for better patient outcomes. Although his exposure has previously been more on the upstream side of the business, he is a firm believer in lifelong learning and is excited to dive into the downstream end of the process. He has definitely dove headfirst into our history, our drive, our values all that we do from Pinch Valves to TFFs and provides a fresh new perspective into the industry.

Craig is also an avid reader, traveler and loves attending all kinds of cultural events from sports events to concerts. He loves music and plays a little guitar himself for the meditative effect it has. When asked for a book tip he recommends the new Genentech book as a great read.

Welcome again and we are excited to keep learning alongside him.

FUN FACT: He is 3rd generation Hungarian.