Meet our new team members!

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Brigitta Kivisaar is the new Head of Miscellaneous in Estonia. She has a bachelors in Information Science from Tallinn University. During her degree she got to working at the Tallinn Central Library, where she stayed for four years in total, ultimately leaving as Head of Information Services. She then went to work at Tallinn University first as an Administrative Assistant and Accounts Manager and then additionally as a Recruitment Specialist. She is currently finishing her masters in Personnel and Development and has now joined the Artesyn Estonia office in an office manager capacity. She says she has always appreciated roles that are more practical, but fluid in nature, continuously offering new challenges.

Outside of work she is a sports fan, taking part in 10k runs and has no issues getting up Sunday at 8 to go running. Like most Estonians she also sings, has always been a part of choirs and is currently part of a mixed choir near Tallinn. Besides running and music she is drawn to adventures of the extreme kind – rappelling from the Tallinn TV Tower, climbing, zip lining, adventure trails up in the trees and so on. To many more exciting challenges at Artesyn!

Norman Korn is part of  Artesyn´s growing Engineering Team and located in Estonia. He has studied Electric Drives and Power Electronics and has a masters from Tallinn Technical University in the field. He has afterwards worked in Power Supply Repairs and Testing and subsequently as a Product Designer on electrical products. Similarly to Mart, Norman has also taken part in Robotex, the annual Estonian robot building competition where he was responsible for both mechanics and programming. Norman says, he has loved trying out different roles and aspects of the industry and is excited to see how the hands on experience will assist him at Artesyn.

On his free time, Norman loves tackling all kinds of small projects around the house such as building a smart greenhouse. He is a puzzle-solver both at and outside of work and so, when he has time can be seen building advanced wood puzzle boxes.  In addition to wood work, akin to our new Head of Miscellaneous, Norman is big on sports and events with a bit of an adrenaline kick, such as snowboarding, mountain climbing, bungee jumping and so on.

We are happy to have him on board!

Mart Anton has joined the company as Product and Design Engineer. He has a PhD in mathematics from the University of Tartu and has taught himself mechatronics. His thesis was about modeling electroactive polymers. As postdoc in USA he studied the mechanics of fish-like underwater robots using experiments, computer simulations and analytical methods. Back in Estonia he successfully built an novel agile underwater vehicle without any propellers. Before joining Artesyn Mart worked as a research engineer at Estonian Innovation Institute. There he got to participate in diverse range of product innovation projects. One of the highlights being developing a prototype cavity enhanced imaging microplate reader – a medical device for analyzing liquid samples.

As a mathematician Mart likes to analyse and find innovative solutions to all kinds of problems. For example how to plant the biggest hedge maze in Estonia (58.5545,26.631).Now at Artesyn, Mart loves working on various R&D projects with a very real outcome and effect on people’s lives. Outside of the office, he likes to play tennis and table tennis, in summer kite surf and in winter snowboard.

We wish many windy days to Mart and look forward to more engineering challenges to tackle together!