Welcoming Olivier Chabilan to the team!

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Name: Olivier Alexis Andre Chabilan

Job Title: Engineering Team Lead 

Location: Estonia 

What is your role going to be at Artesyn and what will you be focusing on in the near term?

I will be working on getting the processes in place, standardizing our design solutions to ensure the best use of what we have already designed and got working. I will also help in providing design solutions during meetings and on SolidWorks. I already feel part of the Team thanks to everyone's patience, kindness, and a collaborative spirit.

What is your background? 

I have an engineering background, I have always been interested in materials, machines (moving or not). I feel very privileged life has so far allowed me to study and work in all the sectors I dreamed of as a kid; Astronautics, Aerospace, Motoracing..., and now the Medical Sector. I was very lucky to be able to design Formula 1 car parts and quite a few structural pieces of current Airbus aircraft along with an energy storage module for Space applications. After graduating from my master's at Cranfield, I embarked on working in the Aerospace industry as a Designer on CATIA and learned about design and processes in large companies. Some of the best stories are geared around the fact that solutions often come up at the most interesting times. For instance, during the design phase of the A400M "Final version" our team was facing difficulties keeping some aileron brackets' weight down. In the end, combining them with the spreader plates on top allowed the design to be produced from Aluminium instead of Titanium. This happened at the pub after the second pint...

What makes you you? 

I am interested in everything and am trying to get the most out of life so my hobbies can range from looking at the stars with a Dobsonian telescope to cleaning and listening to classical music vinyl records (but not "just" classical), or fixing my old Lancia, or sorting out my stamp collection... the list is very long. I also have a 4-year old son who needs a lot of my free time, which I happily give to him, because family time is so rewarding.

Name a FUN FACT about you.

According to my friends/colleagues, I am the very best French ambassador for guiding people into the core of French culture- wining and dining and a person who can get away with wearing colorful clothes. One who can actually work against a standard