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A-range Tubing Management

The ARTeSYN A-Range™ is a single-use tubing management system designed to address uncontrolled masses of loose tubing that accompany many single-use processes. It’s a modular product offering various shapes that allows you to form a wide range of configurations. The A-range™ is an affordable solution to a common problem that greatly reduces the risk of product loss.

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Combining ARTeSYN A-Range™ with ARTeSYN Pinch
Valves provide additional functionality to control the flow between various
unit operations, equipment, and points of use in your facility.


  • Easy installation, no tools are required for assembly or disassembly

  • Available in four colors - Black (standard), Blue, Red & White

  • Can be used anywhere you may have the need to organize your fluid conduits

  • Endless configuration possibilities

  • Configurations compatible with ASME BPE Standards

Upstream applications

Media and buffer preparation
Cell clarification/harvest

Downstream applications

Downstream Chromatography
Downstream Buffer Exchange
Downstream Virus Inactivation
Downstream Concentration
Downstream Fractionation
Downstream Transfer
Downstream Finish Filling
Downstream Filtration