ARTeSYN® Single-Use chromatography systems are designed for applications from lab scale to fully automated cGMP operation. They feature easy to use disposable flow paths with better than 2D valve branch inlets for reduced residual buffer volumes. The systems are able to maintain gradient accuracies at better than 2% while being fully disposable. All product contact materials are designed for single-use. Controls are available in multiple formats depending on your needs. Column sizes up to one meter can be adapted to match the required flow rates depending on your specific requirements.

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Built for clinical to full GMP mAb production including Protein "A" capture- affinity, size exclusion, ion exchange and moving bed types in isocratic or gradient elution formats.


  • Scalable design

  • Gradient elution control comparable with the most optimized traditional systems and far better than anything available in a Single-Use format

  • Ease of setup with quick SU liner change-outs

  • Multiple Column and Resin media options to choose from-we are agnostic

  • Fully automated operation: Either Local PLC or DCS controlled

  • Secure recording and retransmission of archival data with GAMP Part 11 compliance

  • Multiple SU sensor types available: Conductivity, pH, UV, Flow, Pressure

  • Programs secured to operator access level

  • Patented ARTeSYN® valve arrays

  • Patent Pending Chromatography Balancing Valve with SU liner

Downstream applications

Downstream Chromatography