Custom Liners

ARTeSIL® Custom Single-Use Silicone Liners are made of platinum cured silicone material, which is developed to significantly improve installation time, increase flow rates and reduce the risk of cross-contamination. These ARTeSIL® Custom Single-Use Silicone Liners are specifically designed to be flexible yet durable and can incorporate silicone tubing, braided hose and various single-use components such as sterile connectors, sensors, and barbed fittings, making our liners highly customizable to fit ARTeSYN®'s Single-Use Systems and the unique needs of our clients. 

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  • Cleanroom produced and double bagged

  • Raw material conforms to several USP and ISO requirements and is ADCF

  • 60 Durometer, Shore A hardness material

  • Eliminates entrapment issues, reduces the chance of cross-contamination

  • Minimal dead legs

  • High quality and cost-effective

  • Reduces assembly times

  • Optional gamma irradiation

  • Fully customizable with an assortment of moldings and fittings

  • Regulatory and Validation information available

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Upstream applications

Cell clarification/harvest

Downstream applications

Downstream Filtration
Downstream Chromatography
Downstream Finish Filling