Pneumatic Diaphragm Replacement Valves

The ARTeSYN® Single-Use Diaphragm Replacement Valves (DRVs) are a direct drop-in replacement for your existing stainless steel diaphragm valves, enabling the customer to switch over easily and adopt single-use processing practices.

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The ARTeSYN® Single-Use Diaphragm Replacement Valve has all the features of a traditional diaphragm valve and therefore it is a great alternative to a traditional diaphragm valve. Its ergonomic design allows for rapid and easy liner changes and the valves come in a 1/2” to 1 1/2” clamp size and 0.37"ID to 1.37"ID range. The DRVs can be used with purposefully engineered and molded ARTeSIL® silicone liners in both individual valves and valve arrays. This matched valve and liner design allows for exceptional fluid control, removing dead-legs and enabling low hold-up volumes. You simply replace and dispose of each liner/insert after each application, which is more efficient than cleaning and reusing a traditional stainless-steel diaphragm valve.


  • Reduced down time

  • No cleaning validation

  • No batch-to-batch cross contamination risk

  • Highest reliability for critical valves

  • Safe, reliable and simplified processing

  • No entrapment areas

  • No product loss

  • No shear stress on cells and proteins compared to traditional diaphragm valves

  • Lower pressure drop, reduced process equipment size

  • Suits both pressurized and unpressurized applications

  • No changes in heat sterilization method of choice

  • Simple verification of valve open or close position for operators

Upstream applications

Media and buffer preparation
Cell clarification/harvest

Downstream applications

Downstream Chromatography
Downstream Buffer Exchange
Downstream Virus Inactivation
Downstream Concentration
Downstream Fractionation
Downstream Transfer
Downstream Finish Filling