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Designing the future of now in single-use technology

ARTeSYN® designs state-of-the-art single-use processing solutions to serve the efficiency trend in the drug development sector. “Single-use” or “disposable” components are intended for one-time use and are typically produced in polymers. Single-use technology for pharmaceuticals have been around since the 1950s but the full “single-use makeover” is here in the 21st century. Enabling higher density bioprocessing and faster time to market deliveries.

Disrupting the conventional view in biopharmaceutical processing

Even though stainless steel is here to stay to some extent there are “hybrid” solutions for mitigating risks in the traditional process setups. ARTeSYN® has taken the key pain points, for example, the risk of cross-contamination, cleaning time, messy tubing management as targets for innovation, and turned the single-use components into retrofittable solutions in the conventional facilities.

Platform for scaling out

Trends towards increases in cell culture yields have paved the way towards more flexible and cost-effective manufacturing with reduced bioreactor volumes. Instead of scaling up, the single-use component enables a platform for scaling out. You can add the same scale equipment easily with low risk.

Enabling flexibility with single-use systems

Single-use systems enable flexibility throughout a variety of processes in the production scale of 15L to 2000L. Choosing single-use reduces the time for cleaning activities, thus minimizing water consumption. Giving the ability to run multi-molecule production simultaneously in the same facility.

Full single-use provider

ARTeSYN® Single-use Systems have the capability to serve the industry with its fully automated design. Incorporating the hardware, consumables, instrumentation from full process view allows us to achieve minimum hold-up volume. The possibility to accommodate various types of TFF membrane elements or chromatography columns maintains the flexibility end users are looking for.

Component focus on simplicity

ARTeSYN® products are designed to solve flow control challenges for pharmaceutical manufacturing. Our valves and sensors enable automation and one-time use product purity.

Innovating single-use

Single-use technology has been around for a while and is constantly evolving. The growing demand has shown gaps in available single-use instrumentation, reducing dead-leg and the number of parts used in a system.

Upstream applications

Media and buffer preparation
Cell clarification/harvest

Downstream applications

Buffer Exchange
Virus Inactivation
Finish Filling

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